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21 Day Challenge  – 

  • Lose 1 Dress Size in Just 21 Days!!!

  • 3 classes per week

  • Workout Program

  • Detailed Food Guide

  • 3 Body Composition Assessments

  • Free for UNLEASHED Members w/referral

  • 50% off for College Students

  • Early Mornings, Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings and Weekends Available.

Call: 562-800-0119 to sign up

Flex Training – Flexible Personal Training by appointment only.


On The Board - Strength and Stretching. - Sharon teamed up with the creator of the fitness phenomenon Spinning, Johnny G. to bring you this new fitness program. The class combines strength and stretching on a slanted board seamlessly offering you an amazing total body workout.

Ballet Core & More (Ballet/Barre) – This is our traditional Ballet Barre class and includes plie, releve and tendu series...finishing with mat pilates...

Sample Class - On The Board


Step – Traditional Step Aerobics based on the guidelines set by Gin Miller for safe and effective fitness.


Cardio/Buns Plus – Combining high intensity interval training and body sculpting in a 45 minute class. Its time to lose bodyfat and work on those buns...Lift the buns and create long lean race horse legs. The plus stands for working some additional body parts like Abs, Shoulders or Arms during each session to give you that sculpted lean total body look. 

Yoga 1:15 – 1 hour and 15 minute yoga class combining traditional Ashtanga and Flow.


Xpress Yoga – 60 minute Basic Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Yoga Fundamentals – 45 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class emphasizing Sun Salutations and the Fundamentals of 1 move per week.


Pole 4 Fitness - This is a 30 minute pole fitness class. You will learn to master spins  and a routine during this fun and effective workout class.

Sample Class - Pole 4 Fitness